Our Worldview

An excerpt from the sermon “Creation: Part 1” by Pastor Rechab Gray

Here’s what we have to understand as believers. As believers in Jesus Christ, Scripture is not just a story, not just history. Scripture is the very thing that forms our worldview. Now, “worldview” is a word that simply means your view of the world—how you see things, how you look at life, how you look at the world. And it’s interesting that every single person in human history and every single person living right now has a worldview that is comprised of five things, of course of more, but a five specific things that I wanna lay that out to you through an acronym called T.A.K.E.S.

T.A.K.E.S. is an acronym that stands for all the components of one’s worldview. T stands for theology, A stands for anthropology, K stands for knowledge, E stands for ethics, and S stands for salvation or soteriology, or if we could put it simply, the solution.

Every person you’ll encounter has something to say about those five things. Whether you know it or not, everybody has a belief about theology. Who is God? Does God actually exist? You might believe that God is somebody who has some would say, wound up the clock and let it run. That is deism. You might believe that God is all things. That is pantheism. You might not believe that there is a God that is atheism, but everybody has a foundational belief about God himself. Everybody has a belief about the basic nature of man. That’s anthropology. Everybody has a basic belief about knowledge; where we get truth from. Everybody has a basic belief about how human beings have been called to live.

everybody recognizes that there is a broken problem within humanity and everybody believes that they have the solution.
And here’s the most ironically difficult, and yet for a evangelist, satisfying one; everybody recognizes that there is a broken problem within humanity and everybody believes that they have the solution. Now different people have different solutions and some of the solutions might not seem like solutions at all. Some people’s solution is what the Scriptures would actually bring out, “just eat, drink, and be merry.” Since the world’s broken anyway, just live your life, as the prophet Rihanna said, right? Some other people would say that the solution is if we can all become pacifist. If there were just more peace within the world, there would be no more brokenness. But if you have a parent or if you are a parent, and you’ve seen little joker kids, you know that pacifism is not just about not fighting wars out there, but if you got at least two kids, you know about the wars in here (your heart).

And if we’re honest with ourselves, even if there were no more wars out there or in the home, there was a war within your own heart to be able to live up to your own standards. Everybody recognizes that there is a broken problem and everybody has a solution to that problem. It just so happens that from the gate, from the rip Genesis gives you it all.

What is our theology? That there is a God who created all things. What is our anthropology/ That mankind has been made in the image of that God. Where do we get knowledge from? The truths of the Scripture. How have we been called to live? On accordance with what the Scripture calls us to. And what is the solution to the broken problem? He has a name and his name is Jesus.

That comprises our worldview, and if you do not understand your own worldview, you will never be able to challenge someone else’s.

We just talked about the idea of warning means applying pressure to someone’s perspective, but how can you apply pressure to another perspective when you don’t even really understand your own perspective? This is why From the Rip is so important. This is why the theology that we are gonna see in this text is so foundational to what we as believers in Jesus Christ have not only been called to be, identity, but what we’ve been called to do, activity.